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Women Health Vagina

Women Health Vagina
Caring for Living Organ femininity in hot tropical regions often makes us sweat. This makes the body sweat moist, especially on sexual and reproductive organs are closed and folded. As a result, the bacteria thrive and disturbed ecosystems in the vagina that cause odor and infection. For that we need to maintain the balance of the vaginal ecosystem.

Vaginal ecosystem is a circle of life that exists in the vagina. Ecosystem is affected by two main factors, namely estrogen and lactobacilli (good bacteria). If the balance is disturbed, lactobacillus bacteria will die and pathogenic bacteria will grow so that the body would be susceptible to infection.

Actually there are bacteria in the vagina, 95 percent are good bacteria that are pathogenic bacteria remaining. In order for the ecosystem balanced, it takes a level of acidity (pH balance) in the range of 3.8 to 4.2. With this level of acidity, the lactobacilli will be fertile and pathogenic bacteria die.

Many factors cause an imbalance of the vaginal ecosystem, such as oral contraceptives, diabetes mellitus, use of antibiotics, menstrual blood, seminal fluid, spraying the liquid into the vagina (douching) and hormonal disorders (puberty, menopause or pregnancy).Under normal circumstances the vagina have a characteristic odor. But, if there is an infection or an abnormal vaginal discharge can cause odors that bother you, like a bad odor, stinging, and fishy caused by the fungus, bacteria or other germs. If infection occurs in the vagina is left unchecked, can go up into the uterus.

Natural milk

To keep clean and off the bad bacteria in the vagina area cleaning products are available female sex. Of the many outstanding brands on average have three basic ingredients.

The first, derived from extracts of betel leaf (Piper betle L) is very effective as an antiseptic, to eradicate the fungus Candida albicans and reduces the secretion of fluid in the vagina. According to research conducted by Amir Sharif from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, the use of betel leaf in the treatment of vaginal discharge, 90.0 percent of patients declared cured.

Unfortunately, if the cleaners made from betel leaf is used for a long time, all the bacteria in the vagina go dead, including lactobacilli bacteria. So that the balance of ecosystems to be disrupted.

Second, feminine cleansing products that contain ingredients Povidone lodine. This material is an anti-infective for the treatment of various fungi and bacteria. Side effects of products containing this ingredient is a contact dermatitis to a severe allergic reaction.

Third, products that combine laktoserum and lactic acid. Laktoserum is derived from fermented cow's milk and lactate-containing compounds, lactose and nutrients necessary for the vaginal ecosystem. While lactic acid serves to maintain the pH level in the vagina.

According to dr. Junita Indarti, SpOG, a specialist in obstetrics and diseases of the womb of the RSCM, milk contains active substances that can be extracted into lactic acid and laktoserum, and is clinically proven to reduce complaints of itching, burning and vaginal discharge.

"About 70 percent of patients who come for treatment, complaining only about whiteness. After the patient is treated by administering a solution of lactic acid and laktoserum twice a day for two weeks, the recovery rate reached 80 percent, only 5.4 percent who experience side effects such as skin rash" he explains.

The combination of lactic acid as a cleaner and laktoserum female organs are natural because they do not kill the bacteria lactobacilli but increased growth. One woman cleaning products containing this ingredient is Lactacyd, which currently can be purchased at the drug store outlets.

Before deciding to choose a product, according to Junita there are some things you need to consider, among other grievances felt anything at the moment and as much as possible to choose the product that it contains substances that are good. "For long-term use should choose a product that can maintain the natural ecosystem of the vagina. Products containing the bacteria-killing should only be used for short term or when there are problems," added Junita.

Ability to maintain cleanliness, including cleanliness of the sexual organs or reproduction, is the beginning of an effort to maintain our health. If the vaginal ecosystem balanced awake, we will automatically feel more clean and fresh and certainly more comfortable doing their daily activities.

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