Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why Women Faster Puberty?

KOMPAS.com - Women in the age of puberty was much earlier than ever before. In the United States for example, according to one recent study, more than 10 percent of women in that country has been experiencing growth in the chest at the age of 7 years.

According to research published "Psychological Science", Association for Psychological Science journal, women who are physically growing up earlier, showed a tendency to go out early, having sexual relations at a younger age, and have more sex partners than women in his time.

Therefore, their chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases is very high, so the possibility of giving birth in their teens.

Jay Belsky from Birkbeck University in London, England, to assess this news might be bad for some people, but he actually saw the phenomenon is natural and reasonable from the perspective of biological evolution.

It leads man sekaranga on expectations that grew up in risk and unstable environments, has accelerated maturation (puberty), thus increasing the likelihood of someone reproduce before they die.

To examine the relationship between risk, unstable environment as reflected in the bond of mother and baby are not safe (less affection), and early puberty, Belsky and colleagues used data 373 white women.

Data drawn from research on early development of children who seconded the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Women who investigated, monitored from birth until the age of 15 years. At age 15 months, the security bond with the mother's children were evaluated using standard procedures involving weaning and infant reunion with the mother in a single laboratory.

The baby is smiling, silent, reaching out, or vice versa showed positive reactions when their mothers return is considered safe, otherwise they are to avoid the mother during weaning or not comforted by the return of the mother, the baby girls were considered unsafe.

Pubertal development was evaluated by a physical test every year by a nurse or doctor since the 9.5-year-old woman.

But the risk and start a volatile environment as reflected in the fragile family ties, not the only reason why women mature faster. That's partly because there are genetic factors.

In addition, chemical factors may also influence, as well as nutritional improvements that are considered to be the tendency of the last 150 years the trigger that causes women mature faster.

The results found that women are not safe (less affection) when a baby has developed puberty earlier than his age, about two or four months earlier than women who are the baby safe.

Girls in pubertal development and also an end to menstruate earlier than women who secure the baby.

Belsky said the environment was raised and infant-mother attachment relationship is very influential and should not be ignored.

"From the perspective of evolutionary biology that shows the things that most cares about nature is the spread of genes to later generations," Belsky said as quoted by ScienceDaily.

He revealed that the phenomenon became more convinced that humans are easily bred since adolescence or early puberty becomes more so the man could marry earlier.

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